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Understanding your goals to source just the right people for your vision

Aria Recruitment works in close partnership with our clients, focusing on the unique needs of your organisation. We customise a recruitment solution to suit you, sourcing candidates precisely, promptly and efficiently. The people we find for you will have both the relevant skill set for a job role, and a character that gels with the culture of your business.

With every new vacancy, we advertise and start the process from scratch, so clients know they will meet fresh candidates full of energy that have just started looking for a new role. Furthermore, we work hard to support the changing objectives of a company, recognising that as project needs evolve, so do resource demands. Knowing our clients well means we can often anticipate needs well before they become high-priority. Our commitment is to seeing the job through, maintaining constant communication, and being prudent with your time and money.

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All our candidates will have been carefully selected using various methods such as high profile media advertising, social media platforms, and recommendations and referrals. For clients looking at specialist fields of expertise, we source specialist and academic job boards, and industry publications.

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  • Pre-Selection  A timesaving process that allows us to review and short list applications with the most relevant and appropriate backgrounds.
  • In Depth Interviews  At this stage we perform in depth interviews and evaluations according to clients’ criteria. This allows us to narrow down a final shortlist of people who not only have the relevant skills and experience, but are also best suited to the core values of the department and the organisation.
  • Covering Letter   All candidates applying for permanent positions are required to present a personalised covering letter in support of their application, which should give a detailed description of transferable skills and evidence of further research and reasons for their application, adding value to the selection process.
  • Briefing  All candidates will have been fully briefed on every aspect of the role, department, and company culture, and will have a genuine interest in both the position and the organisation itself.
  • CVs   Candidates must provide a current CV, which we can advise on, providing up to date information on preferred content and layout. At Aria we do NOT provide a standard CV layout or actual CV formatting as we believe it should come from the individual themselves. However all the information provided will have been crosschecked at interview.

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  • References Most employers prefer to take up their own references for permanent staff. However, we are very happy to do this at the clients’ request. We require 2 references from all temporary staff prior to assignment from their last 2 employers. These are confirmed in writing. In the event of immediate bookings we will obtain verbal references followed up with written references within 14 days.
  • Legal & Policy Requirements  All staff provided by Aria are required to supply 2 forms of official identification. We will verify the validity of all visas and work permits.
  • Induction  All temporary staff are provided with a handbook on confirmation of their booking in which the code of conduct for temporary Aria employees is clearly laid out.
  • Terms of Engagement   The temporary member of staff is then required to sign and keep a copy of the contract.

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Aria Recruitment works with a wide range of different companies from small entrepreneurial organisations to large corporates in and around the London area. These include charitable trusts, membership bodies, creative & design agencies, and Royal regulatory bodies. We recruit for permanent, contract and temporary positions. Our diverse range of clients and industry sectors has been built on total commitment, transparency, integrity, and most of all an individual understanding of each of their varied business needs.

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